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"As an aritst I'm constantly striving to produce images that inspire and offer an emotive perspective of the landscape.  Nature's simplicity can illuminate our perspective as well as our emotions and provide hope, and a reminder of the small miracles that take place all around us."   -Everett Houser


Photography is not just about capturing what you see, its about capturing what you feel.  Its about allowing the viewer to not just see what you captured, but to feel what you experienced."   

                                                                                                                                   - Everett Houser Photography



As an artist I'm constantly striving to produce images that inspire and offer an emotive perspective of the landscape.  Driven by a passion for the outdoors and hiking, my goal is to capture images in the environment that accurately convey the spirit, drama, and mood of fleeting moments.  My photographs are intended to be both contemplative and inspiring.  My goal is to evoke emotion through my work, while allowing the viewer to reflect on the beauty and the experiences that Nature offers.

I love exploring.  Exploring is really about getting out and experiencing the environment and connecting with it on a deeper level.  Straying away from the trail and getting closer to unique perspectives  allows for newer and more intimate discoveries.  "When you're out here in Nature, it is very much an emotional experience.  ...when your surrounding yourself in this immense peace and quiet, and the first light at dawn, and the sounds of Nature waking up for the first moment.  Its about your attachment to the surroundings and to what your feeling and experiencing at that moment.  That is what I try to bring to each image that I capture, to translate exactly what is happening in the field at that moment when I'm behind the camera."  


 -Everett Houser
  Journey By Light | Everett Houser Photographer


"Journey By Light" takes its name from the idea that photography is essentially the recording of  light and that the images created are the results of that journey.    A journey can begin anywhere along a trial or a summit and never really end,  but merely becomes parts of a continual journey.  

A journey is not about reaching a destination, or a finish line, but its about connecting to a place, and truly experiencing it.  When you've done that you often come away with images that tell a profound story, or share a unique feeling.  Every journey is a steady progression of discovery and exploration.   Its about moving forward, overcoming obstacles, and embracing the open wilderness.


Everett Houser is a landscape and Nature photographer with a passion for capturing the simple beauty of Nature in places its often overlooked.  His goal is to explore Nature at its most quiet and intimate moments, waiting for the right combination of sky, weather, and light conditions to capture his images.    His favorite moments are those quiet times spent out in the elements, hiking in the early morning hours to capture the morning light, and the many moods of Nature.  Far more than just snapshots of scenic views, his work offers an emotive perspective of the landscape and the beauty that surrounds us.  His aim is the capture the spirit of both place and land in a way that inspires the viewer, and provides a moment of reflection. 

 ©Everett Houser