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"As an aritst I'm constantly striving to produce images that inspire and offer an emotive perspective of the landscape.  Nature's simplicity can illuminate our perspective as well as our emotions and provide hope, and a reminder of the small miracles that take place all around us."   -Everett Houser


An Unfolding Experience.

Some stories we cannot tell, but can only wait to discover them in the early morning hours.” - Everett Houser Photography
"Nature is a constant unfolding experience, and one of the things that I emphasize during my photo tours is not just the importance of viewing Nature, but setting ourselves up to really experience it.   Every step through Nature and along the trail is a treasured moment and opportunity for discovery.  While our main focus is to reach our destination, everywhere around us is as much the destination as reaching the summit of our journey.  

                                                                                             - Everett Houser Photography